The rising federal deficient is out of control. American households must operate within their means. The federal government should be required to do the same. Senator Rand Paul’s Penny Plan should be seriously considered.


Our youth are our future leaders. Sense of purpose and vision in today’s youth is so important. If we do not teach what our Constitution represents, our children have little understanding of what freedom and democracy mean. Teaching civics in the classroom with experienced-based opportunities carries on the legacy of civic involvement and why democracy matters. Examples of civics in action is saying the Pledge of Allegiance and upholding dissenting opinions and dialogue on school campuses. Businesses are struggling with finding skilled employees. Bringing students and local businesses together to help students learn specialty skills will help these businesses fulfill these jobs. The Department of Education wants to control state and local decisions. Education decisions are best made at a local level by parents, teachers, and school boards who are informed about their community and its needs.


A single-payer, one-size-fits-all government-run healthcare plan restricts competition, costs sky rocket, and quality of care suffers. Rising monthly healthcare premiums and expensive drug prices are no longer affordable for many of us. We need a competitive market and a transparent system where patients have a clear understanding of all costs involved. In Iowa’s rural areas, there is a shortage of physicians which reduces access to specialized medical care, ability to get timely appointments, and extends travel time to see a physician. Keeping medical clinics and hospitals open in rural communities is critical. Fixing the failed Affordable Care Act is a priority. We need to address mental health issues and stop drug abuse.


To keep Americans safe, I stand by securing our border and the men and women who defend our border. Securing our border reduces human and drug trafficking. I am an advocate for reforming our asylum process and immigration laws..


I defend the fact that life begins at conception, and I want to support counseling for pregnant women facing unplanned pregnancies. Also, a focus on continuing to improve our foster care system and improving legislation and rules around adopting children for deserving parents.


Our Constitution upholds the supreme law and framework for our country so as to honor our individual freedoms. Our government’s role is to protect those rights, and the purpose of law is to uphold justice and protect us from injustice not create endless regulation. Today, our Constitution is being trampled on and trying to be rewritten. I promise to protect our individual freedoms. I defend the Second Amendment. It is important that we do a better job of enforcing current laws regarding background checks so guns stay out of the wrong hands.


Washington is overlooking rural America. They bow to special interest groups who have relocated factories overseas in the pursuit of cheap labor and materials. Rural revitalization requires less regulation and more incentives for businesses to work and grow in the Fourth District. It is increasingly difficult to farm or diversify because of expensive land and equipment costs and decreasing commodity prices. Creating diversity and viable markets for farmers will allow for new opportunities. Community task force initiatives will address concerns and ideas within the community to create innovative solutions.

Rural Revitalization

For far too long, Washington has overlooked rural America. Our farmers feed America and the world while our factories have built products that make modern life possible. I will go to Congress and fight for policies that work for Iowa.

Strengthen America

We know how to export Made-in-America products from Iowa. Our farmers help feed America and the world while our factories create products that power modern life. We are successful at exporting because of our values.

Iowa Values

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